Dear Visitor,

I am pleased to say on behalf of Round Table Arabian Gulf, we will be hosting the African, Middle East and Indian Ocean AGM from Thursday 3rd May to Sunday 6th May in Dubai, UAE.

Pre-Tour 30th April to 3rd May will include the following:

Desert trek with Bedouin dinner


Trips to other UAE states

Sea Fishing

All the above are subject to numbers wishing to attend


The main event:

Thursday 3rd May 2018

Meet and greet at airport subject to flights

Taxi�€™s to apartments (AED 70.00 approx. per car) and a 15-minute ride

Event reception starting at 18:00 Pay as you go (PAYG) for refreshments


Friday 4th May 2018

8am to 9am Breakfast in DWTC (less than 5 minutes from apartments by foot

9am �€“ Move to meeting room

9.30am �€“ Meetings to start (includes)

-              Tea / coffee breaks with snacks during the day

-              Lunch

5pm �€“ Finish meetings

7.30pm �€“ Nations night


Saturday 5th May 2018

Breakfast included in accommodation booking

9am �€“ Move to meeting locations as required

9am �€“ sightseeing (non-attendees of the meetings)

9.30am �€“ Meetings to start (includes)

3pm �€“ Finish meetings

7.30pm �€“ Gala Dinner


Sunday 6th May 2018

Breakfast included in accommodation booking

Departures as required

Casual lunch (PAYG) as required


For further information or inquiries, please contact:


David Alexander

+966 (0) 556 186 509




Pre-Tour rates will be advised subject to interest for the events (approximate charges will be circulated shortly)


Meeting weekend:



Meeting attendees


$   415.00

£   325.00

Per person



$   350.00

£   275.00

Per person

For those wishing to attend individual parts of the meeting, charges as follows

Friday meeting


$   105.00

£     80.00

Per person

Nations Night (Dinner Only beverages PAYG)


$     65.00

£     50.00

Per person

Saturday meetings


$     40.00

£     30.00

Per Person

Gala Dinner (all inclusive)


$   182.00

£   140.00

Per Person


Accommodation charges:

We have secured rates for accommodation in the DWTC Apartments, which are central to the weekend�€™s events.



Singles �€“ 2-person shared occupancy


$   78.00

£   60.00

Per person

Double Bed (single use)


$ 156.00

£ 120.00

Per room

Double Bed (couples)


$ 156.00

£ 120.00

Per room


Please note rates are inclusive of Breakfast, Taxes and Municipality fee plus 5% VAT which is due to introduced in 2018.  If the value varies, it may affect the final costs.


For anyone wishing to attend the pre-tour or make a holiday out of your trip to Dubai, the rates will be accepted for your entire stay provided they are booked at the same time.


Whilst we will try to ensure that anyone wishing to share a room, will be able to, for obvious reasons, it may be necessary for people to take a single occupancy subject to numbers and paying the appropriate charges.


We will endeavour to put people wishing to stay similar lengths of time together if sharing.


Whilst we are aware that RTI / AMI try to limit the costs for these events, in the UAE costs for food & beverages along with facility costs associated with meetings and dinner are very high so we are pleased to advise we have secured good rates for accommodation too hopefully offset the cost for the event


Please note that all charges will be payable to one of our members business accounts for legal reason as Round Table is not an official society in the UAE.  We can confirm that the company is not gaining financially from this arrangement but will allow us to accept the following payment options:


USD payments �€“ via bank transfer to a UK business account

GBP payments �€“ via bank transfer to a UK business account or payment by credit card via a UK gateway

Dear Tablers
Rtag are pleased to be hosting the 2018 AMI meeting in Dubai May 3rd to 6th 2018
Please visit  AMI 2018 for details